Magnolia stellata

Magnolia stellata, sometimes called the star magnolia, is a slow-growing shrub or small tree native to Japan.  It has beautiful star-shaped flowers in early spring, these are followed by light green leaves.  This magnolia is perfect for our small garden, it has doubled in size over the past five years and is now about 2 metres tall.

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Cordyline australis


The amazing Cordyline australis – gifted to our garden from our grandson – has recently flowered and we are enjoying the contrast of delicate sprays of buds and flowers against the strappy purple leaves.

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The soft new leaves on the Viburnum are in stark contrast to the older leaves which are hard and leathery.  Flowering in spring with delightful white flowers was an invitation to foraging bees.  Our Viburnum hedge needed a good prune as it was growing over the path and towering to about four meters and not allowing sun  into the neighbouring garden.

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Some of my favourite plants

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  • Rhoeo have dark green leaves with a glossy purple colour underneath.
  • Bromeliads, dainty and colourful, are a wonderful addition to any garden.
  • Rhaphiolepis indica or Indian Hawthorn, with its beautiful pink flowers.
  • Mixed Succulents make a pretty picture.
  • Cordyline australis is an elegant plant which has strappy purple leaves.
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