Mollymook Beach and Pebbly Beach NSW (Video)

On a recent holiday, we visited two beautiful beaches – Mollymook, a pristine protected beach where Rick Stein spends his holidays, and Pebbly Beach, which is famous for its tame Wallabies.

Join me as I showcase some of the delights of the South Coast of New South Wales – from the dangerous Bluebottle, which can cause severe pain, to the beautiful blue Bower Birds and Wallabies that are so tame they approach visitors.

Admire the pristine water and sandy beaches, and watch the waves roll gently over the rocky headlands. Enjoy watching the ease of flight of the pacific seagulls – and some artistic sandcastles, soon to be washed away by the incoming tide.

Music: After All by Geographer. (YouTube audio library)

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Walking on the cycleway at Point Clare – near the Marine Rescue Central Coast NSW (Video)

Popular with cyclists, dog walkers and bush walkers, the cycleway at Point Clare passes spectacular views of the Brisbane Water and Gosford.
Artifacts from WW2 and plaques showing past use of the area, as well as picnic tables, are along the way. You can also do a bit of train spotting, as the main railway line passes over the cycleway.
This is part of the ‘Point to Pelican’ ride, which starts at Point Frederick’s Pioneer Park, and ends at the Woy Woy wharf, where you are sure to see many Pelicans.
I hope you enjoy this video as you listen to the music of:
Just Breathing by Coyote Hearing (YouTube audio library)

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Killcare to Tallow Beach walk (Video)

Walking in Bouddi National Park from Killcare to Tallow Beach, after a bushfire had ravaged the area, was an awesome experience.
Majestic rock formations, previously partly hidden by undergrowth, are now exposed. Beautiful new growth is appearing on native plants, in protected pockets along the track.

Enjoy the music of: Slow Tango by Andrew Huang (YouTube audio library)

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Pagodas on Bullimah Beach (Video)

Walking on the boardwalk and around the cliff path from Putty Beach to Bullimah Beach, we were pleasantly surprised to find many stone pagodas. Made from stacked rocks, the pagodas made an amazing sight. Beautiful expanses of tessellated pavement and wonderful rock formations, as well as a cave hidden under overhanging rocks, made the 700m walk worthwhile.

Putty beach is located in Bouddi National Park on the Central Coast of NSW.

Enjoy the video while listening to the music of: Entire by Quincas Moreira (YouTube audio library)

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St Alban’s Road Ramp on the Old Great North Road (Video)

The St Alban’s Road Ramp is situated a few kilometers north of the Mogo campground, in the Yengo National Park. The campground is a good base for exploring part of the convict-built road ramp (featured in this video) on the Old Great North Road, which once linked Sydney to the fertile Hunter Valley.

Enjoy this video while listening to the music of: Campfire Song by Chris Haugen (YouTube audio library)

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Toowoon Bay beach walk (Video)

Toowoon Bay is a picturesque, horseshoe shaped and protected beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales.
Walking from Toowoon Bay to Shelly Beach, you pass beautiful sandy beaches and amazing tessellated pavement.

Enjoy watching this video of pristine beaches as you listen to the music of Lazy River Rag by Dan Lebowitz (YouTube audio library)

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Gosford waterfront on a winter afternoon (Video)

Walking along the Gosford waterfront on a sunny winter afternoon, I enjoyed the vista of moored boats and the occasional white faced cormorant. The impressive waterfront Coast Bar and Restaurant, (formerly Iggy’s waterfront restaurant) situated near the wharf of the cruise ship – Lady Kendall, is a great spot to take in the view and enjoy a coffee.

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Frazer Beach – Munmorah Conservation Area (Video)

The rugged coastline of Frazer Beach hides a tranquil paradise. With its sandy beaches and coastal heath, Frazer is a wonderful place to visit on a sunny afternoon.
Enjoy glimpses of the pristine water, combined with relaxing music.

Munmorah State Conservation Area is on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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Rock Escarpments at Terrigal

These sandstone cliffs – between Terrigal main beach and the Haven – have been weathered by erosion.  Erosion wears away rock through the force of wind or water. As the elements erode the soft rock underneath, the hard rock tumbles down, creating cliffs and escarpments.
The sandstone is often a reddish colour from the iron it contains. It is mixed with shale deposits and some conglomerate rock.
Plants cling precariously to small pockets of soil and create an amazing landscape.  Note the tree above, with roots exposed and very windswept foliage.
A raised walkway is soon to be constructed below these majestic cliffs.

Terrigal is a beachfront area on the Central Coast of New South Wales.


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