Interesting Teapots

These enameled and hand-painted limited edition teapots are miniature in size. The teapots are 85cm tall (including the lid) and 100cm wide from spout to handle. The centre teapot features five frogs and numerous dragonflies, and has an attached brass tag with the following information: “certified original by C. Maddicott. © 1996“.

This small Raku-fired teapot – made on the Central Coast of New South Wales – is light green with a beautiful red coppery glow. It has a tiny spout and a miniature lid, but is not fully functional (the raku-firing does not achieve high enough temperatures to make the clay waterproof).
The small brass and enameled ornament is an incense stick holder.

An antique carved wooden teapot stand makes an ideal display space for my  cast iron Japanese teapot.  A pair of Japanese teacups, beautifully glazed in teal green and white, complete the setting.

Very decorative, this pretty little teapot is covered on both sides with pink flowers and buds. The butterfly on top – nestled in a flower – forms the handle of the removable lid.

All of the above teapots and cups were gifts from my family and friends. They make an interesting addition to my teapot collection.

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