How to make a Miniature Moss Garden – in a terracotta saucer (Video)

This miniature moss garden can be made with found objects from around your garden.
Damp areas often grow moss, which can be carefully removed and placed onto potting mix, to create the base for this little project.
Small colourful pebbles, a tiny house or small animal figures, and a few cuttings of succulents can be used and positioned until you are happy with the effect.
Don’t forget to sprinkle gently with water as often as needed and enjoy your little world.
Music:  Mysteries – by Dan Lebowitz (YouTube audio library)
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Early morning garden snaps

In Australia we are in the middle of winter but still have some spring-like surprises in the garden.

My lemon thyme – photographed this morning – has spread out and is hanging beautifully over the raised garden bed.

A selection of my growing collection of succulents are enjoying some early morning sunshine.

Sprays of buds on my cymbidium orchid are ready to burst open.

The kalanchoe is almost showing its bright orange flowers, which will contrast nicely with the glossy green leaves.

A dainty light green and waxy-leaved groundcover – Sedum ‘Little missy’ – has almost covered the top of this pot and has spread over the edge.

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Succulents and Agave

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The plants featured above include :

Echeveria ‘Topsy Turvy’, whose leaves look as if they are positioned upside-down.  Looking spectacular with its soft green curled leaves, it has produced a couple of new plants to the side of the pot.

A pretty pink Kalanchoe – just bursting into bloom – is spreading out in a small rock garden.

An Agave, whose leaves are spotted with marks from the tiny hailstones which fell a few days ago.

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Dew covered Succulents

The temperature was about 7°C this morning, and I noticed that most of the succulents in my garden were covered with water drops. Apparently, when the temperature drops, relative humidity increases. High relative humidity of the air occurs when the air temperature approaches dew point value (in other words, when air is saturated with water). So the relative humidity must have reached 100 percent in my garden and as the above photographs show, everything was delightfully covered with dew drops.

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Garden Glimpses #2

Marigolds are great plants for brightening up any garden. Easy to grow, they will continue to flower for months.  Deadhead frequently to ensure continuous blooming, collect and dry the spent flowers and you can sow fresh seeds next year.

This ornamental bird cage, too small to house birds, is ideal for planting some succulents.

Ideal for containers, baskets and gardens, our white Euphorbia always seems to be in flower.
Easy to propagate by carefully removing a rooted section and replanting, these pretty little plants will soon fill a bare space in the garden.

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More Succulents

Echeveria form into rosettes which, when planted, multiply to form a nice display. They are a thick-leaved low growing succulent and grow well in full sun and need little water.  This pink Kalanchoe has pretty double flowers and nice shiny dark green leaves.

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Having a Jade plant near your front door is supposed to bring money into your house!  Our Jade plant always looks welcoming on our front verandah. These brilliant succulents, Euphorbia – Medusa’s head, Chalk Sticks and Crassula Ovata – blue bird, propagated by my sister are very decorative and need little water.

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