Sculptural forms – Frangipani

The spectacular flowers on the Frangipani reveal beautiful colours, as they unfurl from their tight little buds.

Almost as spectacular are the leaves, so perfect as they sprout and reveal wonderful sculptural shapes.

The promise of what is to come, as each bud opens.

Tall, slender and such perfection, I couldn’t resist including this macro photo.

Too perfect to be real!
I decided to take these photos before our resident possum came visiting.

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Pretty Birds (King Parrots) in my spring garden (Video)

King Parrots, bees and a beautiful assortment of spring flowers make this a lovely time of year.
My garden has come alive with lavender, bromeliads, clivia, iris, seaside daisies, polyanthus, pansies, bird of paradise, cordelines, vibernum, euphorbia- lipstick and lilli pilli and, are all included in this video.
I hope you enjoy watching the birds and flowers, as you listen to the music of: Waltz of the flowers – by Tchaikovsky (YouTube audio library)

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The Pool Garden (Video)

The Chinese star jasmine which is planted beside the swimming pool, frames our Buddha statue. Ornamental ducks add movement as the wind blows and surprisingly, the ducks always seem to be in a little group. Bamboo panels erected to mask the fence, make a nice backdrop and add a calming effect. The plants we selected include – blueberry ash, photinia, murraya, polygala, strelitzia, bromiliads and rosemary.

Enjoy the video as you listen to the music of: Wishful Thinking by Dan Lebowitz (YouTube audio library)

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Fabulous flowers

These prominent and fuzzy buds on our Magnolia stellata, are just starting to open to reveal delicate pink and white petals.

A new out of season flower on our Kangaroo Paw plant gives a glimpse of spring.

The Ardisia crenata which has been recently planted in the garden after years in a pot, seems to be thriving. A new crop of seedlings are growing nearby from the fallen berries.

Some newly planted potted colour are starting to spread and will create a nice display.


Garden Snapshots

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Other people’s gardens are often a delight to view and are a great source of ideas to implement in your own garden. My sister’s garden (pictured above) is no exception.

A beautiful red urn nestled amongst the greenery, and beside a small Buddha, adds colour to this courtyard garden.

The Euphorbia Lipstick, also known as the ‘crown of thorns’, looks stunning with its hot pink blooms and large green leaves. Flowering for most of the year, this euphorbia is a nice addition to any garden.

Growing happily in a pot, this hydrangea has just produced a pretty light pink bloom, which seems at first glance to be an artificial silk flower. On the same plant is an older bloom which is changing into pretty autumn colours.

Violas, which flower in a wide range of colours, have a soft, old fashioned look that complements this large basket.

A very hardy hedging plant which tolerates dry periods, the duranta has been trimmed as a hedge behind this decorative garden seat.

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Camellia Sasanqua

Our garden has no camellias at the moment, but we were able to photograph these beautiful sasanqua flowers which tower over the fence of our neighbours’ property. The branches of the camellias, which are laden with flowers, hang over the dividing fence and make a lovely background as well as providing privacy.
Camellia sasanqua is a species of camellia native to China and Japan. It is usually found growing at altitudes of up to 900 metres, but is quite happy in the suburbs of Sydney and the Central Coast (which are almost at sea level).  It is an evergreen shrub growing to 5m tall, and in late summer and autumn is covered with delicate flowers. Sasanqua flowers tend to fall after a day or two, leaving a beautiful carpet of colour.

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More from my autumn garden

The pretty mauve-purple flowers on my Mona lavender (plectranthus) make a bright statement. Complemented by their dark green leaves (with purple undersides and stems), these salvia like flowers are a surprising member of the lavender family.
Flowering happily in a round pot of small mixed perennials, the Mona lavender is thriving in full sun. Regular watering is necessary as I have mass-planted to create a continuing display.

With gracefully arching stems that are adorned with velvety flower spikes, the Salvia leucantha, or velvet sage, is one of my favourite plants. A bushy perennial, it is ideal for borders, pots and cottage gardens and shows excellent tolerance to hot, dry weather.
The violet flowers on long stems are ideal, as a cut flower and regular pruning will help to maintain a compact shape.

Since posting an article on my Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) a couple of days ago, more of these amazing flowers have opened.
An elegant addition to our garden, this lily was planted by a former owner and enjoys a shady spot in our side garden. With its glossy broad leaves and striking white flowers, it is surely a special bulb. The name Eucharis lily relates to Easter flowering, so it is right on time.

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The Autumn Garden

These flowers on the Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) are delicate with perfectly white petals and a green tinged central cup.  Eucharis are native to the moist tropical forests of Central and South America.  They prefer a shaded position in the garden, grow from a bulb and have wide shiny evergreen leaves.
Growing in our side garden in a sheltered position, they flower in early autumn and are always a delight.

Our beautiful Frangipani has produced a new flush of these amazing flowers. With colours ranging from dark pink to light pink, orange and white, these fragrant blooms make a welcome addition to our garden.
Knowing that the flowers and leaves will disappear in winter – leaving the trunk bare – makes this last flush especially enjoyable.

This striking red Dahlia, which has deep wine-red flowers with dark centres, has just produced an amazing amount of flowers. Its open flower is attractive to butterflies and bees, and the dark foliage blends in well with the light green leaves on the surrounding plants.

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Garden Glimpses #2

Marigolds are great plants for brightening up any garden. Easy to grow, they will continue to flower for months.  Deadhead frequently to ensure continuous blooming, collect and dry the spent flowers and you can sow fresh seeds next year.

This ornamental bird cage, too small to house birds, is ideal for planting some succulents.

Ideal for containers, baskets and gardens, our white Euphorbia always seems to be in flower.
Easy to propagate by carefully removing a rooted section and replanting, these pretty little plants will soon fill a bare space in the garden.

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