Fabulous flowers

These prominent and fuzzy buds on our Magnolia stellata, are just starting to open to reveal delicate pink and white petals.

A new out of season flower on our Kangaroo Paw plant gives a glimpse of spring.

The Ardisia crenata which has been recently planted in the garden after years in a pot, seems to be thriving. A new crop of seedlings are growing nearby from the fallen berries.

Some newly planted potted colour are starting to spread and will create a nice display.


Early morning garden snaps

In Australia we are in the middle of winter but still have some spring-like surprises in the garden.

My lemon thyme – photographed this morning – has spread out and is hanging beautifully over the raised garden bed.

A selection of my growing collection of succulents are enjoying some early morning sunshine.

Sprays of buds on my cymbidium orchid are ready to burst open.

The kalanchoe is almost showing its bright orange flowers, which will contrast nicely with the glossy green leaves.

A dainty light green and waxy-leaved groundcover – Sedum ‘Little missy’ – has almost covered the top of this pot and has spread over the edge.

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Pretty little corners

Hidden away in the garden, you sometimes find pretty little flowers and leaves just waiting to be highlighted. The Delosperma – hardy ice plant with its bright little flowers, the iridescent leaves on a small Coleus and soft yellow flowers on the Marigold are some of these.

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These beautiful little plants with their soft yellow petals and bright green foliage brighten up even a cloudy day. Very easy care, they love a position in the full sun and are good companion plants for tomatoes and other vegetables as they deter insects and repel root knot nematodes.

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Potted colour

Potted colour 11th November 2017
Potted colour 25th November 2017

A shallow bowl of potted colour brightens up our deck. Mass planted with Delosperma – hardy ice plant – a perennial ground cover and tiny white daisies, the flowers open in full sun.

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Million Bells

Like a tiny Petunia, the Calibrachoa or Million Bells is a delightful trailing perennial which loves a position in the full sun.  These plants which were given to me by one of my nieces three or four years ago still flower well from spring to summer. A swaying light green Liriope adds form and colour when the Million bells finally cease flowering.

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