More from my autumn garden

The pretty mauve-purple flowers on my Mona lavender (plectranthus) make a bright statement. Complemented by their dark green leaves (with purple undersides and stems), these salvia like flowers are a surprising member of the lavender family.
Flowering happily in a round pot of small mixed perennials, the Mona lavender is thriving in full sun. Regular watering is necessary as I have mass-planted to create a continuing display.

With gracefully arching stems that are adorned with velvety flower spikes, the Salvia leucantha, or velvet sage, is one of my favourite plants. A bushy perennial, it is ideal for borders, pots and cottage gardens and shows excellent tolerance to hot, dry weather.
The violet flowers on long stems are ideal, as a cut flower and regular pruning will help to maintain a compact shape.

Since posting an article on my Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) a couple of days ago, more of these amazing flowers have opened.
An elegant addition to our garden, this lily was planted by a former owner and enjoys a shady spot in our side garden. With its glossy broad leaves and striking white flowers, it is surely a special bulb. The name Eucharis lily relates to Easter flowering, so it is right on time.

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The Autumn Garden

These flowers on the Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) are delicate with perfectly white petals and a green tinged central cup.  Eucharis are native to the moist tropical forests of Central and South America.  They prefer a shaded position in the garden, grow from a bulb and have wide shiny evergreen leaves.
Growing in our side garden in a sheltered position, they flower in early autumn and are always a delight.

Our beautiful Frangipani has produced a new flush of these amazing flowers. With colours ranging from dark pink to light pink, orange and white, these fragrant blooms make a welcome addition to our garden.
Knowing that the flowers and leaves will disappear in winter – leaving the trunk bare – makes this last flush especially enjoyable.

This striking red Dahlia, which has deep wine-red flowers with dark centres, has just produced an amazing amount of flowers. Its open flower is attractive to butterflies and bees, and the dark foliage blends in well with the light green leaves on the surrounding plants.

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Belladonna Lily

The Amaryllis Belladonna pink lily is a surprising plant. The plant starts growing from an onion like bulb which protrudes from the ground. Delicate, long pink buds open into beautiful lilies which appear before the leaves. Remarkably, the plant thrives in full sun.
I was surprised to find these pretty flowers – which attract tiny native bees – suddenly appear one morning.

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I love this beautiful white Iris, planted in the garden by the previous owners. These bulbs, which only flower for a short time, have put on an amazing display this year.

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