Returning home from a driving trip down the south coast of New South Wales, we stayed overnight in a very comfortable room, at the Grand Country Lodge Motel in Mittagong.  The motel, more like a grand hotel, is surrounded by superbly landscaped grounds, including this beautiful bronze sculpture and fountain.
We enjoyed a perfect dinner at the nearby Esco Pazzo Italian Restaurant, which features traditional Italian dishes and regional wines.


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Hebel carvings

Carved from a block of hebel, these owls and pagodas were made during a sculpture workshop.
Hebel, a lightweight building product made from autoclaved aerated concrete, is very easy to carve using saws, chisels, surform files and gouging tools.  Off white in colour, these sculptures which weather over time, can be painted or coloured with oxides.
Starting with a block of hebel, which measures about 200mm x 200mm x 600mm, it is best to mark out your design roughly with chalk.  Begin carving carefully, sawing away unneeded areas first and then using smaller tools for the finer details.  A lot of dust will be released when working on your project, so always wear a mask and safety glasses.

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Garden sculptures #2

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  • These Pit fired and carved urns, were made with a Puki (a bowl shaped dish) using the hand built coiling method.
  • A detailed wall pot, coloured with a blue glaze and iron oxide.
  • An owl carved from a block of hebel.
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