How To Grow an Edible Herb Garden (Part 1) – My Herb Patch and Planting Basil

Having a small garden, I have planted my herbs in pots and raised garden beds (planter boxes). Decorative, useful and a culinary delight, the herbs are a nice addition to the garden.

In this video, watch as I showcase a selection of herbs from my garden (basil, mint, parsley, rosemary, chives, oregano and thyme), and show how I planted basil to fill an empty spot in my planter box.

I hope you enjoy the video as you listen to the music of:

“Slow Times Over Here” by Midnight North
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More Edible Gardens

Ready for picking, these strawberries are the first of the season in  my garden.

Above: The pretty flowers on my ‘Serbian Cherry’ tomato plants (part of the Diggers Club Heirloom Selections) are a promise of a bountiful crop.

Below: Some of the new tomatoes, on this dwarf sprawling plant. Growing 60cm high and spreading to 60cm wide, the ticket on the ‘Serbian Cherry’ seedling promised a high yield and I can’t wait to taste the fruit.

I planted a mix of green curled endive and a selection of combination lettuce (including cos, mignonette and butterhead), which have already provided leaves for many salads. Harvesting continually by picking the outer leaves seems to encourage more growth.

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Edible Gardens #3

Our second crop of capsicums is growing to a nice size.
Some beautiful flowers on the oregano and a perfect flower on the mint show that herbs are decorative as well as flavorful.
Our basil has provided us with fragrant leaves all summer, and a self-seeded “Tiny Tim” tomato plant is still producing sweet fruit.

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Tomato crop

We harvested around 80-90 tomatoes from just one plant.  What an amazing result from a $4 Canabec Super tomato seedling.
Having a surplus of ripening fruit, we decided to preserve some of the excess. I sautéed a mixture of onion and garlic then added diced tomatoes, basil, oregano salt and pepper and simmered until thickened.

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Fresh Herbs

Our chives, oregano, parsley and basil are growing well in this hot weather. Herbs make a nice addition to salads and add flavour to vegetables.  Growing in pots, they are easy to maintain, and keep relatively free of snails and slugs.

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Good companions

Tomatoes and basil – these two are surely good companions. They are the perfect pair in many recipes and basil confuses insects that might otherwise attack the tomatoes when growing. Our tomatoes are finally yielding a beautiful supply for the kitchen and were worth waiting for. We have been enjoying the basil in salads and stir fries.

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Edible gardens #2

Our Canabec Super tomato has produced a good crop and will soon ripen and be ready to harvest.  The new mixed lettuce plants are growing well and we have started using the outer leaves.  Dainty parsley flowers will form seeds for a new crop.

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Edible gardens

The Dianella or flax lily has edible blue berries.  The Native blue banded bees are attracted to purple and blue flowers and can often be seen around Dianella flowers. Ripening Blueberries and flowering onion heads complete this trio of photographs taken in my daughter’s garden this morning.

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