The Autumn Garden

These flowers on the Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) are delicate with perfectly white petals and a green tinged central cup.  Eucharis are native to the moist tropical forests of Central and South America.  They prefer a shaded position in the garden, grow from a bulb and have wide shiny evergreen leaves.
Growing in our side garden in a sheltered position, they flower in early autumn and are always a delight.

Our beautiful Frangipani has produced a new flush of these amazing flowers. With colours ranging from dark pink to light pink, orange and white, these fragrant blooms make a welcome addition to our garden.
Knowing that the flowers and leaves will disappear in winter – leaving the trunk bare – makes this last flush especially enjoyable.

This striking red Dahlia, which has deep wine-red flowers with dark centres, has just produced an amazing amount of flowers. Its open flower is attractive to butterflies and bees, and the dark foliage blends in well with the light green leaves on the surrounding plants.

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Dahlia – happy single Romeo

With its wine-red flowers and near black foliage, this dwarf single dahlia – which only grows to about 26″ high – makes a stunning statement in summer.  Dying back in autumn, the tubers remained in the garden and the dahlia plant re-emerged to create a nice surprise and flowered in time for Christmas.

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