Rumbalara Reserve

Walking through the Rumbalara Reserve (near Gosford, NSW) – a tree-filled area including rainforest, ferns, wildflowers and wildlife – you come across bronze sculptures of pioneers and explorers.
Photographed above is the bronze sculpture of Matthew Flinders, an English explorer, naval officer and navigator who sailed around Australia and mapped much of its coastline. Views from the reserve (pictured above) include the steep steps between two huge rock walls, some beautiful grass trees and some amazing rock formations.
Following the trails and looking at the view through the trees, you can catch glimpses of Gosford City with its office blocks and high-rise apartments, and watch tiny trains on the bridge which crosses over a section of the Brisbane Water.
The Mouat Trail is a pleasant walk of 4km, which should take approximately 2 hours to complete. This walk – best done with a car shuffle – starts from Rumbalara Reserve, accessed from Dolly Avenue at Springfield, to Katandra Reserve at Toomeys Road, Mount Elliot. The trail follows a series of tracks and management trails along the top of the ridge between the Katandra and Rumbalara Reserves.
There are many trails throughout both the Rumbalara and Katandra reserves, and you can walk all the trails or, as we did on this occasion,  just a selection.      

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