‘Within without’ by James Turrell

‘Within without’ (2010) is a lighting installation by American artist James Turrell. Located in the Australian Garden, on the south side of the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, this is a major Skyspace and one of the largest and most complex of Turrell’s installations to date.
You enter the installation via a long sloping walkway. Inside is a large square-based pyramid with ochre walls. A stupa made of Victorian basalt rises in the centre of the space surrounded by a pool of turquoise water. The stupa contains the viewing chamber – a simple domed space – which is open to the sky.
One of my favourite exhibitions in Canberra, we visited this installation on a cold Autumn afternoon and were surprised to find that the seating inside the dome was heated. The dome, with its planting of native grasses over the roof and the still turquoise water inside, has a very calming effect. It is a must-see every time I visit the National Gallery.

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