Picton Botanic Gardens, NSW

Returning from a driving trip to the south coast of New South Wales, we decided to stop and have lunch in Picton. Following a street sign to the botanic gardens, we found the ideal lunch spot and spent an hour enjoying the walking tracks.
Many birds and ducks, including the White-faced Heron, were enjoying the pond.
Featured in the gardens were three sculptural Bee Bells, launched as part of Pollinator Week 2016. The bell (pictured above) was built on a wire frame and clad in shaped copper pieces with a clay cob centre. Designed to be a habitat for bees, the bells hang gracefully from Casuarina trees in a cool sheltered area of the gardens.
Established in 1986, the Picton Botanical Gardens covers 4.1kms and has 90% Native Australian Plantings.

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