More from my autumn garden

The pretty mauve-purple flowers on my Mona lavender (plectranthus) make a bright statement. Complemented by their dark green leaves (with purple undersides and stems), these salvia like flowers are a surprising member of the lavender family.
Flowering happily in a round pot of small mixed perennials, the Mona lavender is thriving in full sun. Regular watering is necessary as I have mass-planted to create a continuing display.

With gracefully arching stems that are adorned with velvety flower spikes, the Salvia leucantha, or velvet sage, is one of my favourite plants. A bushy perennial, it is ideal for borders, pots and cottage gardens and shows excellent tolerance to hot, dry weather.
The violet flowers on long stems are ideal, as a cut flower and regular pruning will help to maintain a compact shape.

Since posting an article on my Amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora) a couple of days ago, more of these amazing flowers have opened.
An elegant addition to our garden, this lily was planted by a former owner and enjoys a shady spot in our side garden. With its glossy broad leaves and striking white flowers, it is surely a special bulb. The name Eucharis lily relates to Easter flowering, so it is right on time.

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