Gosford Regional Gallery & Arts Centre

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The Gosford Regional Gallery and Arts Centre is located on the shores of Caroline Bay in East Gosford.  It is part of a complex that also includes the Gosford/Edogawa Commemorative Japanese Garden.
The current exhibitions in the gallery, include a photography and film installation – Life Stock – by Ian Provest; an exhibition from the Australian Watercolour Institute, showcasing a diversity of styles and techniques; and in the foyer an exhibition of paintings – Journey Home – by Hyan Hee Lee.

Visiting the gallery today, we enjoyed morning tea in the cafe and a stroll around the garden, which was a good opportunity to take some photographs.
The above slideshow includes:

  • A view of the Koi pond with the beautiful sculptural shape of a Crepe Myrtle tree in the foreground.
  • The curved stone pathway, lined with freshly opened Autumn Crocus.
  • A traditional Japanese teahouse, set in the beautifully maintained gardens.
  • A section of the raked dry stone garden.
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