Pebbly Beach

On a recent driving holiday along the south coast of New South Wales, we visited Pebbly Beach in the Murramarang National Park.
A beautiful sandy beach with pebbly outcrops and large grassy areas, surrounded by coastal bushland, this is the perfect home for the resident wallabies and goannas.
Pictured here is a photograph of the south end of the beach, showing the protective headland and in the foreground some of the small pebbles and rock formations.
I photographed this very tame young wallaby, resting on a grassy bank near the picnic area. Its ears swiveled around as we approached, although it was seemingly unafraid of our presence.
My Grandson took this close-up photo of a goanna, near the pathway to the beach. A common characteristic is the loose skin on the goannas neck, which they can puff up if threatened. It makes the neck look bigger than the head.
Pebbly Beach is a popular camping area with a great surfing beach and bush walks within the National Park. A great place for a picnic or just a walk on the beach, this is a photographers paradise.

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