Mollymook Beach and Pebbly Beach NSW (Video)

On a recent holiday, we visited two beautiful beaches – Mollymook, a pristine protected beach where Rick Stein spends his holidays, and Pebbly Beach, which is famous for its tame Wallabies.

Join me as I showcase some of the delights of the South Coast of New South Wales – from the dangerous Bluebottle, which can cause severe pain, to the beautiful blue Bower Birds and Wallabies that are so tame they approach visitors.

Admire the pristine water and sandy beaches, and watch the waves roll gently over the rocky headlands. Enjoy watching the ease of flight of the pacific seagulls – and some artistic sandcastles, soon to be washed away by the incoming tide.

Music: After All by Geographer. (YouTube audio library)

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From Tree House – to Buddha House (the second stage of our garden renovation) (Video)

We show you how to transform a tree house into an amazing mini Buddha house, adorned with bamboo screening! The before and after results of this DIY small garden makeover will blow you away, and give you lots of great landscaping ideas. Why not renovate your garden to make use of those neglected spaces!
HOW WE DID IT: The original tree house was used by our grandchildren as a fort, café and schoolhouse. Now that they’ve grown older, we decided it was time for a makeover.
We trimmed, then removed, the cardamon growing along the front, and demolished the front wall to open up the space. The half logs that had formed the front wall were cut down, and used to screen the gap that the cardamon had left.
The Buddha statue was placed on a large sandstone plinth, and bamboo screening now adorns the walls. When you look at the before and after pictures, the finished effect is stunning.

Music: “Serenity” by Aakash Gandhi (YouTube audio library)

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Monkey Dreams of Christmas – Kids Video

Join Monkey as he dreams of Christmas trees, lots of presents, Christmas lights twinkling and special treats, left out for Santa.
We hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas with lots of love and of course lots of treats!
Enjoy the video as you listen to the music of:
We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Twin Musicom

We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Artist:

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Walking on the cycleway at Point Clare – near the Marine Rescue Central Coast NSW (Video)

Popular with cyclists, dog walkers and bush walkers, the cycleway at Point Clare passes spectacular views of the Brisbane Water and Gosford.
Artifacts from WW2 and plaques showing past use of the area, as well as picnic tables, are along the way. You can also do a bit of train spotting, as the main railway line passes over the cycleway.
This is part of the ‘Point to Pelican’ ride, which starts at Point Frederick’s Pioneer Park, and ends at the Woy Woy wharf, where you are sure to see many Pelicans.
I hope you enjoy this video as you listen to the music of:
Just Breathing by Coyote Hearing (YouTube audio library)

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Plants with Bite – at the Calyx in The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (Video)

In The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney NSW, the Calyx space has been transformed into yet another amazing exhibition: Plants with Bite.
With the largest vertical floral wall in the Southern Hemisphere and over 18,000 plants, and another 25,000 plants at ground level, this is a spectacular sight.
Featuring carnivorous plants and glass artworks the exhibition has free entry and is well worth a visit.
Enjoy the video as you listen to the music of:
Digital Memories by Unicorn Heads.
(YouTube audio library)

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More Edible Gardens

Ready for picking, these strawberries are the first of the season in  my garden.

Above: The pretty flowers on my ‘Serbian Cherry’ tomato plants (part of the Diggers Club Heirloom Selections) are a promise of a bountiful crop.

Below: Some of the new tomatoes, on this dwarf sprawling plant. Growing 60cm high and spreading to 60cm wide, the ticket on the ‘Serbian Cherry’ seedling promised a high yield and I can’t wait to taste the fruit.

I planted a mix of green curled endive and a selection of combination lettuce (including cos, mignonette and butterhead), which have already provided leaves for many salads. Harvesting continually by picking the outer leaves seems to encourage more growth.

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How to make a Miniature Moss Garden – in a terracotta saucer (Video)

This miniature moss garden can be made with found objects from around your garden.
Damp areas often grow moss, which can be carefully removed and placed onto potting mix, to create the base for this little project.
Small colourful pebbles, a tiny house or small animal figures, and a few cuttings of succulents can be used and positioned until you are happy with the effect.
Don’t forget to sprinkle gently with water as often as needed and enjoy your little world.
Music:  Mysteries – by Dan Lebowitz (YouTube audio library)
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Beautiful Spring Blooms

Freshly opened, these beautiful little dendrobium orchids are delightful.

The blue hydrangea will soon be covered with plate sized blooms.

Thousand bells, as the name suggests, has just started to produce thousands of bells.

These amazing little strawberry flowers are starting to produce a bumper crop.

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