Pretty little corners

Hidden away in the garden, you sometimes find pretty little flowers and leaves just waiting to be highlighted. The Delosperma – hardy ice plant with its bright little flowers, the iridescent leaves on a small Coleus and soft yellow flowers on the Marigold are some of these.

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These beautiful little plants with their soft yellow petals and bright green foliage brighten up even a cloudy day. Very easy care, they love a position in the full sun and are good companion plants for tomatoes and other vegetables as they deter insects and repel root knot nematodes.

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Potted colour

Potted colour 11th November 2017
Potted colour 25th November 2017

A shallow bowl of potted colour brightens up our deck. Mass planted with Delosperma – hardy ice plant – a perennial ground cover and tiny white daisies, the flowers open in full sun.

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