Hebel carvings

Carved from a block of hebel, these owls and pagodas were made during a sculpture workshop.
Hebel, a lightweight building product made from autoclaved aerated concrete, is very easy to carve using saws, chisels, surform files and gouging tools.  Off white in colour, these sculptures which weather over time, can be painted or coloured with oxides.
Starting with a block of hebel, which measures about 200mm x 200mm x 600mm, it is best to mark out your design roughly with chalk.  Begin carving carefully, sawing away unneeded areas first and then using smaller tools for the finer details.  A lot of dust will be released when working on your project, so always wear a mask and safety glasses.

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  • This delicate fern blends in well with the rugged little pagoda.
  • The pretty ground cover is creeping towards this garden lantern.
  • A rustic house style pagoda, nestled between a Dianella and Chinese five star jasmine.
  • Bronze glazed and surrounded by a red Kalanchoe is this small pagoda.


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