Million Bells

Like a tiny Petunia, the Calibrachoa or Million Bells is a delightful trailing perennial which loves a position in the full sun.  These plants which were given to me by one of my nieces three or four years ago still flower well from spring to summer. A swaying light green Liriope adds form and colour when the Million bells finally cease flowering.

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paws with their amazingly complex flowers and lime green strappy leaves make a beautiful pot specimen.  Forgetting to cut this Kangaroo paw back until the plant looked almost dead, I was amazed in early spring after a trim to find many tiny flower spikes emerging almost instantly from the cut leaves.


The Peperomia plant – which also makes a good ground cover – with its light green foliage, yellow flower bracts and red stems make a perfect specimen for this old kettle.  A potted Peperomia was  given to me by my sister quite a few years ago and I have taken cuttings whenever we moved  house – this is a clone of the original plant.

The pool garden

As the area surrounding our pool was very uninteresting, we built some raised gardens using coloured steel panels and pine sleepers, then filled the garden beds with 1½ cubic meters of compost enriched soil. The plants we selected included – Blueberry Ash, Photinia, Murraya (orange jessamine), Polygala, Strelizia (bird of paradise), Dietes and Rosemary.  We mass planted beside the fence on the north boundary with Chinese star jasmine.  A few garden ornaments, a Flowering Ash and pots of Indian hawthorn and long leaf Fig – ficus neriifolia – or (willow leaf fig), add interest and soften the area.